May 25th Meeting 



Hello. My name is Al Austin. When I moved here, I was pleasantly surprised to find the community very socially active. I was also surprised to find that the Alamandakey website (Alamandakey.COM) was lacking features such a calendar of events and an open forum. Any group, no matter how loosely organized, needs a rallying point. Those rallying points are almost always electronic in the 21st century.

p>Having a little experience in Web design and management, I decided that I could contribute to the community by providing that rallying point in the form of a website. My personal vision for the site is a Virtual Community Center for the Homeowners, residents, guests and friends of Alamanda Key.

So it begins…

I have purchased the Alamandakey.NET domain and set up the site that you are now viewing. Let me say this site is not intended to replace the Developer owned Alamandakey.COM site. For your convenience, I will try to reference important news here, but you still must regularly check Alamandakey.COM for ‘official’ community information, covenants, and bylaws etc. from the Home Owners Association.

Although I have registered the website name, this site does not belong to me but all of the homeowners and residents. I will fill the role of Web Administrator but the theme, direction and content of this site will be controlled by us all, collectively.

Right Now…

What you see right now is the beginning. It is a starting point for what will eventually become a very useful and friendly tool for our community. Please. It is not perfect. Heck, at this point it isn’t even good but we needed something to build on and this is it. Please be patient as the site develops.

Your suggestions are not just solicited but necessary to make the site successful. Suggest ANYTHING to improve the site from color to content to fonts. If you see something you like on another site, ask if we can incorporate it in ours. Of course, not all suggestions will be implemented and some may be technically impossible but I promise to try to incorporate all reasonable suggestions that many of agree upon.

What’s Next…

As you peruse the site I am sure that you see that there could be a lot of other stuff incorporated. Some things I would like are a list of residents with contact information (If approved by the resident of course) and a photo gallery.

I fully expect the Forum (some call them BLOGs) to be the most used part of the site. You may find the controls in the Forum a bit cumbersome at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. For me, the Forum is a great time equalizer. If I’m busy, I can catch up with the rest of the community at my leisure. When I’m up at 3 am with insomnia, I can share my thoughts on what’s wrong with the world.

There is a lot of flexibility in the site. You could set up your own web page, if so inclined and we can set up a mailbox at Alamandakey.NET for you if you like.